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About Me

Hi, my name is Moria.

I’m the designer behind the brand “MaLisha”.


After completing a BA in art & design from Bezalel Academy, I have decided to start my own fashion brand called MaLisha.

In my collection, you will find very specific outfits for a specific audience that I aim to target.  

I believe in Slow fashion which means that my clothes are timeless with flattering cuts for everyday wear and business events as well.

The main concept of my collection is a brand that is accessible and feels casual yet elegant.  

Most of the collection is made from dresses and items I chose which best describe a businesswoman - From work to a night out with the girls.

I’ve got you covered!  

Brands audience: Women who love Fashion, quality, sophistication, and comfort.

My goal and target through the brand is to support women in many ways.

The goal is to give every woman a place and a feeling that even in the most difficult moments she is not alone.

MaLisha is not only a brand of clothing but a community of strong women. 


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